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Chances are you will be less anxious if you prepare, but based on the assumption they you are an enthusiast who knows how to prepare for a 120 -150km ride you don’t need to do anything much different for this. This ride is hilly and involves a mix of shorter steep hill and longer gentler climbs. For the record there are a couple long steeps as well, but the point is to prep your climbing legs. The distance does not demand a substantial adjustment to your regular riding. Getting a couple 5-7 hour rides in April, May and early June would certainly help your mental state but physically you will have to control your output regardless- only Pro Tour riders pound out 270 km and enter the red zone on command whether it’s the first km or the last so your success will be as much a mental discipline as a physical challenge. Pay attention to your core and any physical discomforts. This ride will magnify those so manage yourself with the appropriate workouts. The point is enjoying your spring riding, use your entry in this event as an excuse to do a little extra and keep the rides hilly.


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